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Earth and Flame Exhibition

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About the event

Come along to Millennium Court to see Earth and Flame, an exhibition of new Wood, Soda and Gas fired Works by Josh Lyness from Mud Ireland. Earth and Flame will be on display at Millennium Court in Portadown from 2nd-8th August, find out more about the exhibition below.

“Since the day I first touched clay, I have researched all manner of ceramic techniques and materials, I have meticulously tested thousands of glazes and clays, finessing and perfecting each combination. I’ve thrown countless pots in all shapes and sizes, refining the forms and the weights of clay, and honing my skill on the wheel. This has lead to some pretty well “Perfect” Pots! However, the words of Ewen Henderson “Perfected techniques lead to sterility and deadness”, I have found to be true…

Some of my latest work has lacked that captivating spark of imperfection, Earth & Flame represents the next step in my ceramic journey, the re-introduction of unpredictability and imperfection, through the harsh process of reduction firing. Exhibited here are pots from 3 different kilns; Nic Collin’s Wood-Fired Anagama, Sabine Nemet’s Wood & Soda Kiln and Ulster University’s Gas Kiln. What links these 3 firings is of course FLAME, unlike my normal electric firings, the combustion of fuel in each kiln creates a flame, which travels through the kiln, weaving it’s way through the shelves of pots and up out the flue. The path of the flame leaves it’s mark upon the pots, and imbues each with it’s own unique character. This unpredictable process has relived me from the pressure of perfection, the harsh firings resulted in a lot failures, but lots of treasures too!

The Earth and Flame project has inspired me to go down the rabbit-hole of reduction firing further and I’m very excited to see where it leads, but for now.. Enjoy the Exhibition.


Where is it taking place?

Millennium Court
3-5 William Street
BT62 3NX


Fully accessible

When is it taking place?

Opening Night, 1st August, 7:30-9pm
The exhibition will be open weekdays, Monday to Friday 10am-4.00pm, 2nd-8th August.

Price and do you need to book?

Free, no booking required

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Additional information:

This event is a part of August Craft Month with Craft NI, Northern Ireland’s celebration of craft. Summer 2023 will mark the 17th annual August Craft Month with makers all across Northern Ireland getting involved.



All August Craft Month events are run independently by the event organisers. For questions regarding this event please contact the event organiser directly.

Event Details

Maker: Josh Lyness

Starts: Wed 2 Aug at 10:00 am

Ends: Tue 8 Aug at 4:00 pm

Craft Type: Ceramics

Event Location: Armagh

Event Type: Exhibition

Price: Free