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The Craft of the Yeats Sisters

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About the event

Participants will work with graphic artist Mary Plunkett and the National Print Museum’s collection of type and printing presses to make a small book in the tradition of the Cuala Press. As a group, participants will each set a paragraph of type by hand, learn how to lock it up on a press, proof and print the pieces together to produce a small edition book.

Each participant will receive a copy to take home. This one-day workshop will give participants a little taste of the craft and expertise put into each of the books and broadsides produced by Elizabeth Yeats and her associates at the Dun Emer and Cuala Press.


Where is it taking place?

National Print Museum
Beggars Bush Barracks
Haddington Road
Dublin 4

Who is it suitable for?



The workshop takes place on the ground floor of the Museum, which is accessible. Please note that regrettably there is no disability parking in the Beggars Bush Barracks complex.

When is it taking place?

Saturday August 12th, 10am to 4pm

Price & do you need to book?

August Craft Month price €40. Yes, booking is required. Book via
Usual letterpress workshop price €90

Contact details



+353 1 6603770

Additional information 

The National Print Museum champions print and its impact on the world, to enrich lives. The mission is to promote a greater understanding of the historical significance and contemporary relevance of printing, by exploring its heritage, craft and technology.

The Museum preserves the craft of letterpress printing. Letterpress is a form of relief printing, which was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1439. It was the chief manner of printing which prevailed for over 500 years before becoming obsolete, in the commercial sense, in the mid-twentieth century. The invention is one of the greatest inventions of all time.
It allowed for ideas and free thought to travel widely and quickly, the printed page defying and expanding borders.

The National Print Museum is a unique museum. The collection is not behind glass or rope and is instead a living heritage museum –
laid out like a traditional print shop where visitors can experience Ireland’s print heritage in its truest authentic form. We approach conservation of this collection by keeping it alive and engaging audiences in hands-on immersive experiences of the craft.

In 2019, the Museum successfully applied to have letterpress printing included in the National Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage. Workshops such as this one engage younger generations in the preservation of this important traditional craft.

This event is part-funded by Design & Crafts Council Ireland for August Craft Month 2023.

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All August Craft Month events are run independently by the event organisers. For questions regarding this event please contact the event organiser directly.

Event Details

Maker: National Print Museum

Starts: Sat 12 Aug at 10:00 am

Ends: Sat 12 Aug at 4:00 pm

Craft Type: Printing

Event Location: Dublin City

Event Type: Workshop

Price: €40