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Eco Print Irish Linen With Foraged Leaves From Killiney Hill

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About the event

Join textile artist Alison Nea for a wholesome afternoon foraging in nature with spectacular sea views – ending with a fun eco printing session. Create your own textile print from the natural dyes of oak and blackberry leaves on Wexford woven Irish linen and bring it home as a decorative piece of art or wear as a trendy scarf!

Alison will guide you in a leisurely leaf foraging walk through the woods of Killiney Hill, as she explains the fascinating process of the extraction of colour from plants. After taking in some breathtaking views of Dublin Bay at the top of the hill, you will head back to the Druid’s Chair Pub and create a one of a kind design from your collected leaves in the exciting and centuries’ old process called eco printing.


Where is it taking place?

Killiney Hill and The Druids Chair Pub
For full address see booking link

Who is it suitable for?

Adults and accompanied children 9+


Our foraging stroll won’t be too long or strenuous, taking roughly 20 – 30 minutes including lots of stopping to pick leaves and take in some scenic views. We will be walking off-track through the woods for the journey to the obelisk which is uphill, so I would recommend wearing appropriate walking shoes.

Things To Bring
– rain gear
– water bottle
– bag for foraged material

When is it taking place?

Sunday August 13th, 1pm to 4pm

Price & do you need to book?

€65. Yes, booking is required via Event brite

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Additional information 

“My name is Alison Nea, or Ali as most call me, and I am the founder and artist behind the Irish textile company Modh. Modh’s roots stem from a profound passion for textiles, coupled with an insatiable curiosity for the art of creating vibrant colours and captivating prints straight from mother nature herself. Modh (pronounced ‘moe’) translates from Irish as ‘method,’ which is central to the slow and conscious process in the extraction of colour from nature and the hours that go into the drafting, cutting and sewing of each and every product.
My journey, much like many natural dyers, began in my very own kitchen where I felt an indescribable rush of excitement as I watched humble onion skins transform an old t-shirt into a radiant shade of yellow! With a background in costume design for film and theatre, and after working a few hectic jobs in the industry, I quickly realised that I yearned for a quieter and more fulfilling work life. So, I took a leap of faith and embarked on a creative entrepreneurial journey. I longed to create something that was entirely my own, and develop a career path that granted me full creative control and the flexibility to prioritise time with my loved ones, especially my four-legged friend Daphne!
After many years of floating through the world creatively, I finally feel that I have truly found my niche. Working intimately with nature and sustainable textiles has been an immeasurable and gratifying decision, and I am excited to see what the future holds for Modh!”


All August Craft Month events are run independently by the event organisers. For questions regarding this event please contact the event organiser directly.

Event Details

Maker: Alison Nea

Starts: Sun 13 Aug at 1:00 pm

Ends: Sun 13 Aug at 4:00 pm

Craft Type: Textile Making

Event Location: Dublin City

Event Type: Workshop

Price: €65