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Demonstration application of gold leaf with Mary  Wallace

The ancient art of gold leaf began thousands of years ago by the Egyptians who believed that gold was the colour of the gods and pharaohs. Even to this day there is something fascinating about seeing goldleaf applied to an object or piece of art. 

“Working with gold leaf is such a delicate affair. It requires patience, practice and skill to place that filigree just as you want it. Sometimes I feel it has a mind of its own as the gentlest breath can cause it to flicker and fly away!” – Mary  Wallace




August Craft Month in The Makers House is a special and unique experience.  Where else would you see the work of twenty-three local Designer Makers and meet with them, talk about their ideas and inspiration?  

A full programme of activities throughout the month of August. Visitors can watch demonstrations, take part and try art and craft and other techniques for themselves.

The month-long festival event is aimed at those interested in having a hands-on experience of art craft and design. Suitable for all age groups. Families are welcome.

See the stunning range of work by our Makers : Print, Ceramics, Stained Glass, Art (including mixed Media, Wax Encaustic, Gold Leaf, Watercolour, Oils)  Sculpture, Stone Mason, Quilling, Photography, Woodturning, Jewellery, Knitwear, Leather, Textiles, Candles, Soaps and Balms. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to Meet The Makers.  As they run the gallery one of them is there every day. 

The Makers House venue is fully accessible. 

During August Craft Month one or two of our Makers will be on hand each day as part of our Meet The Makers ethos.


This event is part-funded by Design & Crafts Council Ireland for August Craft Month 2024.




Event Address: The Makers House, Creative Hub, Bullring Mall, North Main St / Mallin St, Wexford, Y35 XNX7

Suitable For: All Ages

Accessibility Information

Wheelchair access, toilets, nearby parking

Organiser: : The Makers House

Event Email: :

Event Contact Number: : +353868923606

Event Memberships

Design & Crafts Council Ireland, Made Local, GANS

GANS Membership details

The Makers House

Event Details

Maker: Mary Wallace and The Makers House

Starts: Sat 24 Aug at 10:30 am

Ends: Sat 24 Aug at 4:30 pm

Craft Type: Printing

Event Location: Wexford

Event Type: Demonstration

Price: Free