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The Art of Making

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As part of August Craft Month 2024 Donegal Designer Makers will showcase ‘The Art of Making ‘ an expo which explores pattern, colour, texture, and sustainability through the various craft disciplines within the collective.

Each maker will create a series of works using their own unique making skills which interprets their own individual style.

Monday to Saturday only.


This event is part-funded by Design & Crafts Council Ireland for August Craft Month 2024.




Event Address: Donegal Designer Makers, Ardara, Co Donegal

Suitable For: All Ages

Event Memberships

Design & Crafts Council Ireland, GANS

GANS Membership details

Donegal Designer Makers

Event Details

Maker: Donegal Designer Makers

Starts: Thu 15 Aug at 10:00 am

Ends: Sat 31 Aug at 5:30 pm

Craft Type: Multiple

Event Location: Donegal

Event Type: Exhibition, Family Friendly