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Artist Own Studio Workshop: Crafting Shirts for Improvers with Jane McCann

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This workshop, aimed at improvers, will cover style development.

The aim is for meaningful style – as opposed to promoting transient fast fashion. The focus will be on pattern adaptation from the wearer’s customised basic block:

  • Spanning casual workwear to the exotic
  • Offering the potential for embellishment and personalisation
  • With discrete to bold detail and trims
  • Sourcing ideas from vintage / museum collections
  • With reference to fabric selection for different seasons

The workshop will cover:

Pattern adaptations for a range of styles according to the preference of the wearer.

Pattern adaptation may include how to (for example):

  • Elongate / Crop / Gather / Flare etc.
  • Typical adaptations may include: Workwear Jacket/ Smock/ Shirt Dress.
  • Brief reference will be made to the joining of seams
  • Constructing the adapted pattern: (on a domestic machine sewing)

Please bring:

  • An existing ‘shirt type’ garment that is comfortable in terms of measurement
  • 2-3metres of Calico in a suitable weight for the type of garment envisaged (Light/medium/heavy weight),
  • Tape measure
  • Ruler
  • Set square (if available)
  • Pencils (Soft & Hard)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Rubber,
  • Paper scissors & Fabric scissors
  • Pins, Needles & thread.
  • A pattern Tracing Wheel – would be helpful.

Reference materials: Please bring garments / photos / tear sheets etc. of shirt type garments that inspire you!

To book email

Event Address: Address on booking

Advanced Booking is Required

Suitable For: Adults 16+

Accessibility Information

If you have access needs, it is best to phone any studio or venue in advance. The Creative Peninsula workshop programme is a series of engaging and interactive workshops designed to explore the processes used to create unique pieces of art and craft. All materials will be provided. As numbers are limited for all workshops advance booking is essential.

Organiser: : Creative Peninsula

Event Contact Number: : 028 9181 0803

Event Website: :

Event Details

Maker: Jane McCann

Starts: Tue 6 Aug at 10:00 am

Ends: Tue 6 Aug at 4:00 pm

Craft Type: Fashion Design, Textile Making

Event Location: Down

Event Type: Workshop

Price: £75