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A Toast to Our Retrospective

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‘A Toast to Our Retrospective’ opens at the Down Museum on the 10th August 2024 and runs until the 28th September 2024. The exhibition aims to showcase a diverse collection of past and present art work created by the Top Floor Studio Group, highlighting pieces of textile art from our repertoire, with a particular focus on works that have emerged from the groups engagement and participation with various community groups.

Through this exhibition we aim to celebrate the power of textile art as a medium for story-telling, community engagement and artistic expression.

The central theme revolves around the exploration of personal narratives, cultural connections and shared experiences. The pieces exhibited reflect the studio group’s deep-rooted commitment to engaging with diverse communities and to creating art that resonates with people from all walks of life.

Visitors can expect to see a range of techniques, such as embroidery, quilting, weaving, knitting and crochet and other techniques used to convey intricate narratives and to evoke emotions. The exhibition will include pieces made by the Studio group in partnership with various community organisations. These projects have encouraged the engagement of individuals from different backgrounds fostering a sense of inclusivity and shared creativity. These pieces demonstrate the transformative power of art in building connections and promoting social change alongside stories that speak of the human experience.


The pieces on display made by members of the Studio group; Emma Whitehead, Geri Graham, Jaele Rollins, Janice McHenry, Carolyn MacDougall, Lynda Kelly, Hazel Bland and Bridget Pullen.


Please join us for A Toast to Our Retrospective! at our breakfast launch from 10am on Tuesday 10th August in the gallery, Down County Museum.

We can’t wait to share our work with you!

Event Address: Down County Museum, English Street, Downpatrick. BT30 6AH

Suitable For: All Ages

Accessibility Information

The museum has good wheelchair access, is free entry, has accessible toilets. Parking available in English street. The museum is open from Tuesday to Friday.

Organiser: : Top Floor Art Studio Group

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Event Contact Number: : 07526989480

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Event Details

Maker: Top Floor Studio Group

Starts: Sat 10 Aug at 10:00 am

Ends: Sat 28 Sep at 4:30 pm

Craft Type: Textile Making

Event Location: Down

Event Type: Exhibition

Price: Free